Class Call 2004 (April 1)

GHQ News

Aldred Limoso, currently with the OJ2, GHQ, joined the class e-group forum and was quick to update us. Before joining OJ2 in March this year, he was a Fellow at the National Defense University in Washington for a year! While in the US, Itchie Maligat and Boy Abcede were gracious enough to host him regularly during academic breaks.

In the different OJs of GHQ, you'll find five 82 cavaliers: Leo Baladad (OJ3), Romy Pajarito (OJ4), Bam Jamorabo (OJ6), Raffy de Hitta (OJ7), Mat Abinuman (OJ8) and Chito Trinidad (OJ9). You'll also see Alex Bote in the JOC.

PA News

Jun Golla was the honor guard troop commander during inauguration of the President in Cebu last 12-Jul-04. It was to be his last formal parade. He turned over the command of his unit to Audie Delizo, who was 8ID's Operations Officer. On 16-Oct-04, Jun moved to the USA and has since started settling down. Before that, the 82 Army Group tendered a despedida party for him and his family. Jun Alcabasa, Bert Domines, Santi Baluyot, Bert Yap, Ade Tomaro, Vic Castro, Pat Patrimonio, Alex Arevalo, Leo Baladad, John Bonafos, Manny Cacdac, Manny Ochotorena, Ren Pascua, Ely Posadas, Ivan Samarita and their ladies send-off the Jun and his family.

Manny Cacdac is the new Operations Head of PSG while Bert Domines and Santi Baluyot are with the NCR Command as 2 & 3 respectively. Lysander Suerte moved to G6, PA after his stint as Chief of Staff of the CRS, AFP. Ademar Tomaro, assigned with G1,PA, was finally awarded a unit at PAOVILLE!

Onie Banaga, joined in class e-group, wrote that he's delighted to be the Education and Training Officer of 6ID in Datu Sinsuat, Maguindanao. As a Special Forces Specialist, he just wonders how to train an infantry division to maneuver in the theater. His new assignment is a relief after two years and a half as battalion commander of the 40th IB in Pikit, Cotabato.

6ID HQ is ‘82-loaded. Zaldy Salimbangon is the intel guy, Manny Tayag in the supply bug, Ernie Benitez is the "money bag".

Fidel Pumihic, who according to Onie still dances "Tadek" on ocassions, is the CO of 27IB (JetMac’s original and favorite unit). Also, Rolly Picar as CO 66IBn.

Willy Bonilla finished his GSC in Australia. Dan Pabunan was SEG commander before flying in July 2004 to London for schooling. Ivan Samarita was with Command Operations Center JOC before being designated as commander of the Phil Contingent to UN Mission in Liberia. After a brief stint in Liberia, Ivan is back in Manila. Since February 2004, Roger Salvador has been a UN Military Observer in Ivory Coast. Rudy Juanito has been in Kabul, Afghanistan as a Security Coordination Officer for the World Food Program since mid-May 2004.

In October 2004, the first batch of army received their promotion to colonel. According to Roger Salvador, he had to fly to Manila just for the interview for promotion.

Sammy Gayongorsa is back in the army after a long absence.

PAF News

Jeff Delgado once is the TOG-10 Commander in Cagayan de Oro. Pascua Renoir is the Group Commander 590th Air Base Group, 15th Strike Wing while Bong Jungco is the Group Commander 730th Civil Security Group PAF.

Dex Commendador is still a DC9 Captain/instructor for Cebu Pacific. He was in Minneapolis for the usual recurrent training at Northwest Airlines’s simulators in May 2004 and again in October 2004. He has moved his residence from Cavite to BF PQUE since last year in order to save time on trips to work.

PN News

Butch Suarez and Boyet Lampas are both in the same ship. Boyet may soon command a ship. Jinggie Alano is still in Jakarta taking Naval Staff Course and trying to master Bahasa. He finally hooked up with Godo! Godo Utanes is based in Jakarta as a COO of a private firm while Joy, who webmasters the e-group, and the kids are based in Singapore.

PNP News

Alex Sugay, paid a quick visit to Nueva Ecija, Philippines in May 2004 to pay his last respects to his mom. On hand to condole were Jerome and Annette Pagaragan who visited him in his residence in Cabiao.

Jerome was the COP of Gapan City. He has since moved the NCRPO as the chief of of Regional Plans. With im in NCRPO as Bai Salamat and Agrminero Cruz who’re both running after “K” cops!

As of November the class call by PRO is as follows:

PRO1 - Ninoy Aquino and Rollie Macusi

PRO2 - James Melad our current class prexy and D'Grace de Gracia as PD Cagayan,

PRO CAR - Willy Franco as PD Mountain Province.

PRO3 – (This region hosts the most number of Sandigans) Willy Barlis - R1, Percy Barba - R4, Gordon at Nueva Ecija PPO, while Alcoriza, Mel Mabilin and Abner are yet to be assigned positions.

PRO4A - Ric Marquez - R2, Panga Fernandez - COP, Sta. Rosa, Toti De Guzman - CO, PMG in Laguna and Bay Layon who wants to leave for a UN Mission again.

PRO5 - Noel Vargas, who has of late been very "visible" with his text messages as R6, and Vic Deona.

PRO7 - Mel Valmoria who was in UN Mission in Kosovo until the middle of this year. ed Ingking is the COP of Mandaue City

PRO10 - Lyndel Desquitado as PD Misamis Oriental

PRO11 - Kleng Campanilla as the "bag man".

Among the different PNP National Support Units, CIDG holds the most number of our class. Within the CIDG HQ, we have Jess Gatchalian - SDS, Chris Laxa as ADI, Jun Castro – sidekick ni Chris, Ed Ladao - CIDU, Jorge Corpuz - RO, PRO6, Bong Lapira - RO, PRO2, Manny Pinera - Deputy RO, NCRPO and Igmedio Cruz - Task Force 166 "Bantay-Bata", according to Chris.

At PNP Headquarters Support Service, Tino Constantino is BFO, Vic Loot is the Chief, PCTC Visayas Field Office, Masong Damaso as AIDSOFT. Wendy Rosario, Boyet Valeroso and Tiger are all assigned in different positions in HSS.

In other PNP wide-SS, James Bucayu is assigned in PNP IG. Nes Pinto who seems to have vanished like Ding Sison, is with the LSS. In the Finance Service, Gino Hermosisimo is the Chief of the 16th FSO. In the Maritime Service, Ed Ingking is - - somewhere in Cebu.

In the Crime Lab, Edwin Ernix is from PRO 9, although still the "bag man". In TMG, Elmer Soria is currently the Chief, NCRTMO. In PSPO, Andy Gauran.

Leo Napenas, who like Mel was in UN Mission in Kosovo until middle of this year, is the F3/Acting CDS of the SAF. Finally, Kiko Cristobal is "at your service" in CSG.

In the National PNP, the Sandigans have conquered the HQ floor-by-floor, wing-by-wing, including the much desired area - - the basement. From the basement up, Frank Uyami is Chief, Doctrines Development Div, DHRDD. Second floor, at ODI is Armany Ramolete is the Chief, FLD. On the third floor at ODO is Henry Losañes as the BFO. Also in that floor are Lester Camba, Allen Fortes and Dado Gallardo, who’s back from UN Mission in East Timor. In ODCO are Job Antonio and Mike Laurel. Finally, in ODCA is Benjie Magalong.

Congratulations, Willy Barlis and Frank Uyami for passing the CSEE last June. By the way, our Class 1982 PNP Group holds the most number of CSE-Eligible in the entire PNP Officer Rank that means out of the 149 CSE-eligible, 23 are from our class! In the pipeline also is the promotion of 13 Sandigan Superintendents to Senior Superintendents hopefully before the year ends.

By the way, some PNP ladies took a group tour to Hongkong.

PNP Ladies in Hong Kong

Chona Constantino, Nania Ladao, Annabelle Corpuz, Emy Soria, Mrs Descanzo, Neddy Erni, Marivic Castro, Eva Laurel and Nelda Laxa (Chirs Laxa’s sister.


Ed GONGONA is the operations officer of the Philippine Coast Guard. Rudy ISORENA is currently the XO of PCG’s newest fast craft covering western Philippines. Gilbert RUERAS is in Davao. Chino is the XO of the new 56-meter Search-and-Rescue vessel stationed in Region 7.

Special Highlight – GOLF

In 22 July 2004, the 1st leg of the PMA Sandigan82 Golf Tournament kicked off. It was the first of the 5-game series joined in by the best 16 PNP golfers..


The 2nd round of golf tourney was held at the

Phil Navy Golf Club in Aug 2004 hosted by Jess Millan.

Tiger Mong delos Reyes wrote that during the 2nd round of the golf tourney, Willy Bonilla emerged as the best Sandigan golfer with a score of 78 followed closely by Elmer with 80 and an umbrella girl!

Umbrella girls? Kiko Cristobal's umbrella girl left in a huff after two corners when our alcohol-loving mistah tried to make her feel his 'birdie' move. BTW, he just arrived Monday night after spending two weeks with his wife in France and Italy. Unfortunately, he was not able to share photos of their European tour kasi di raw niya makita yung mga films para ipa-develop sana. We found out later that they used a DIGITAL CAMERA! When asked if he enjoyed the trip, Kiko remarked that going to Paris with your wife is like playing golf na walang pustahan! Danny Constantino readily agreed to this observation. Kaya pala pinaalis niyang mag-isa si Chona papuntang US of A recently!

A surprise participant in the tourney was Ademar Tomaro. It was like watching Evander Holyfield trying to hit a golf ball with a samurai on the fairway. Poor thing is that he was forced to leave early after only nine holes as he recalled back to the office. He is now with G1 of the Philippine Army and is in-charge of morale. He had to go back to his office … para patawanin ang boss niya with a special rendition of "SI PARE KONG BADONG."

The activity was also an opportunity for some of our classmates to reminisce cadet days. Kiko Cristobal, Noel Vargas, Kleng Campanilla and Gordon Descanzo compared notes before tee-off about their favorite laundryperson! All four agreed that the laundryperson was better than the best washing machine available now in the market! “Miss na miss daw nila tuloy ito! Iba raw talaga itong maglinis!”

Edwin Erni hurriedly left after lunch. It was later learned that he told his wife that tee-off time was 1 pm when it was actually 8am. “Saan kaya siya pumunta? Iba talaga ang maraming commitments. Hindi lang kasi sa wife niya siya committed!” As a police officer, he is committed to the whole Filipino citizenry!

Another surprise arrival was Jerome Pagaragan. Although not a golfer, he came nevertheless “kasi akala niya may raffle at duon na lang siya sasali sana!”

Other PNP officers joined the fun even if they are not part of the class, they either played golf and/or joined the lunch fellowship. Thus, the third qualifying round is expected to more successful in terms of attendance.

US and Other News

Washington-based Louie Maligat, now a LTSG, USN, and his wife, Alma, are active in PMAAAA East Coast Chapter activities and are willing to accommodate and to entertain anyone visiting DC or Maryland. Louie recently visited Manila and was treated with a 3-phase reception - - from dinner to dawn. (Alex Bote wrote about warm reception but was more focused on what they had dinner!)

Another Washington-based mistah, Boy Abcede, is currently with the US DIA. According to Aldred, he was received well by Boy while he was there. He said that Boy is willing to host to anyone in transit or on a visit in the area.

Rey Luboa is based in New Jersey indulged in his own business. Also in New Jersey recently in Sep-Oct this year were Max Caro on family visit.

Luis M. Ares is back in the class’ fold. He is performing space operations duties with USAF's Air Intelligence Agency based in San Antonio, Texas.

Paeng Marfori, who has moved to SOCAL in July this year. He said that Alex Sembrano graciously donated golf balls and towels to the '82 golfers who saw action in the PMAAA golf tournament in Las Vegas, which brought together US-based cavaliers from Northern California, Southern California, and Las Vegas. Golfers and non-golfers enjoyed the affair that was highlighted by a grand boodlefight in the house of a fellow cavalier.

Paeng and Tonton Guzman played for NORCAL; Ken, Jet Sacramento, Noel Patuggalan, and, import, Alex with SOCAL, and Henry Estigoy as host. Paeng and TonTon won trophies.

Sandigan Gentlemen of SOCAL, FEB 2004 in Rocky's Place

Jet Sacramento, Rocky Samonte, Gene Padre, Noel Patuggalan, Henry Estigoy, Ves Gonzaga, Ken Saligumba.

Gene Padre has sold his Care Center and has opted for the stress-free 8-5-job.

Jet Macabuhay is still a military analyst for the UNICTY based in The Hague, The Netherlands. He still writes the Class Call from the Hague and webmarches the class 3-group from anywhere! Of course, many contributed: Ding Doplayna, Mong delos Reyes, Chris Laxa, Paeng Marfori, Oni Banaga etc. Also, we thank Job Antonio for the instant “prompt” on and the comprehensive updates on PNP activities.

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