PMA, Oh Hail To Thee

(Alma Mater Song)
Music by: Quirico P Evangelista CL 1940
Lyrics by: Reynaldo A Mendoza CL 1940

Oh. Proud and bold you stand
Bright beacon of the land
Let loyal sons proclaim
Thy glorious name
Wherever we may be
O’er land or deep blue sea
We’ll raise a song for thee,
Academy oh hail to thee

At every end of day
We hope and fervent pray
The honor you instill
Doth guide our will
May thy sons ever be
Men of Integrity,
Courage and Loyalty
PMA oh hail to thee

When bells for us are rung
And our last taps is sung
Let generations see
Our country free
Oh lead to righteous way
Those solid ranks of gray
Thy virtues to display
Academy oh hail to thee

Sing along with the PMA Cadet Choir: